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  • 商品名称: Group crankshaft grinding wheels
  • No.: CP086

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With the scientific structure design,these products can reduce heat from grinding and avoid burning the work piece.Please choose different abrasives grit size grade and special recipe to meet the surface demand.

Technology reference

Tolerance of the thickness:≤0.5mm

Parallelity of two surface tolerance:≤0.2mm

Grinding wheel group:5 7pcs per group

Max.Work speed of wheel:45 60m/s

Type of grinding:cylindrical plunge grinding

Roughness of work piece:Rough Grinding Ra 1.5-2.0mm

              Fine Grinding Ra 0.25-0.60mm

Work pieces cylindrity:≤0.01mm

Work pieces surface not allowed to be burned

Grinding more than 3 work pieces when need trim.